John Adams

Region of Study South Asia  
Primary Country of Residence United States of America  
Title Visiting Scholar  
Affiliation University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia  
Mailing Address Center for South Asian Studies
University of Virginia
11817 Duck Circle
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553 USA  
Phone / Fax Number(s) phone: 540-785-1798 (office & residence)
phone: 540-538-8387 (mobile)
fax: 540-785-1853  
Countries Of Specialization India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal.  
Research Interests Economic development and social change in South Asia, with an emphasis on
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Economic growth and development
and sectoral policy. Special interests are trade, agriculture, village
change, peasant rationality, informal sector. Secondary interest in
economic and social history and economic anthropology including village studies.
Human rights and U.S. immigration claims.
Publications None on file.  
Keywords economic development ; social change ; sectoral policy ; peasant rationality ; informal sector ; ...