Jon Abbink

Region of Study Africa  
Primary Country of Residence Netherlands  
Title Dr.  
Affiliation Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands  
Mailing Address African Studies Center
P.O. Box 9555
2300 RB
The Netherlands
Phone / Fax Number(s) phone: +31-71-5273367
fax: +31-71-5273344  
Countries Of Specialization Ethiopia, Eritrea  
Research Interests The Horn of Africa (esp. Ethiopia); Themes of interest:
Ethnicity, political anthropology, ethnology and material culture of
Publications Selected publications:
For a list of publications (not complete) in the ASC Leiden catalogue, see:

A Bibliography on Christianity in Ethiopia. Leiden, The Netherlands:
African Studies Center, 2003. Working paper 52. (102 p.)

Eritreo-Ethiopian studies in society and history: a supplementary
bibliography 1960-1995. Leiden, The Netherlands: African Studies
Center, 1996.

Ethiopian society and history: a bibliography of Ethiopian studies
1957-1990. Research reports (Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden.
Afrika-Studiecentrum); no. 45. Leiden, The Netherlands: African Study
Centre, 1991.

Co-Editor, with Göran Aijmer.
Meanings of violence: a cross cultural perspective. Oxford ; New
York : Berg Publishers, 2000.

Co-Editor, with Gerti Hesseling.
Election observation and democratization in Africa. Basingstoke,
UK : Macmillan ; New York : St. Martin's Press, 1999.

Journal articles:

"An historical-anthropological approach to Islam in Ethiopia: issues of
identity and politics," Journal of African cultural studies. Vol.
11, no. 2 (1999): 109-24.

"Violence, ritual and reproduction: culture and context in Surma
duelling," Ethnology. Vol. 38, no. 2 (1999): 227-42.

"The Eritrean-Ethiopian border dispute," African affairs. Vol. 97,
no. 389 (1998): 551-65.  
Keywords ethnicity ; political anthropology ; ethnology ; material culture ; ...